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With the links below you can find how many times a legislator voted against their party, information on the legislator, candidates, committees and so much more. Find out who contributes to them, the pacs and committes that support them. Check each one of them out!

How many times has a legislator voted against their party

To find this information we will be using information compiled by Michigan Votes.org. First, go to the link below and select your legislator:

Next, Click on the Votes tab. Just under the Search text box, click on Advanced Search. In that section, check Votes agaisnt majority of own party and click Search. It will take you more than likely pages of bills. Click on a bill and you will get a page showing the bills history. Scroll to the apporpiate legislative body and click details and you will see how and who voted by party for or against the bill.

Campaigns and Campaign Finance

A bit about the links below. The Michigan Campaign Finance Searchable Database holds a wealth of information on candidates and campaigns. When you click the link it opens up to search contributions, expendatures for campaigns and committees. Downloads are also available. It's your go to for campaign finance in Michigan

The two links below let you find the contributions and expenditures for legislators, candidate, committees. They both work exactly the same, just different data. Simply click the link, in the Committee Selection area, look for the Enater any portion of the Candidate's Last Name, scroll to the bottom of the form and click the Search button.

County Campaign Finance Disclosures

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    Here you will find information on the Michigan House and Senate. Search for so much like: The Bills, Legislators, Joint Resolutions, Committees and so much more. Follow the link below:

    Lists of the Michigan Legislators, their addresses, phone numbers, eamails, try these links

    Michigan House

    Michigan Senate

    Executive Orders as Compiled by the Legislature

    Best to look under Michigan Government for most up to date