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Who's going to challenge John James?

He has the most cash onhand of all MI Congressional Candidates - By Double any Candidate - Over $2,000,000

According to filings to the Federal Election Commission, John James has raised millions of dollars and has spent well over a million dollars in the last quarter ending September 30th.

His potential Democrat opponents on the other hand have far less cash on hand but who are they? Well Dr Anil Kumar has over $500,000 cash on hand while his closest other opponenet is Carl Marlinga with just under $145,000 cash on hand

Check out the Elections section for the FEC financial filings. Look's like John has the support of some big money donors! Would like to know what he's spending over a million dollars on!

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Under the Federal tab you can quicly lookup the major Department and Agency websites


Under the Congress tab, you'll be able to look up who and what individuals have contributed to. Find the Top Lobbying Spenders and the top indivudual spenders. Information on all the Michigan Congrssional Districts, each Michigan Congressman, the money they have raised, how and where they have spent it, and who have contributed to their campaigns.


Under the State tab, quickly go to the top Michigan government officials webpages, get to the Michigan State agency pages. Find information on all the Bills, Representatives and Sentors, how they voted, how many times the voted with or against their party, phone numbers, email addresses. Find information on campaigns, the contributions, and so much more.


The local tab gives you a link to the address information of all the county clerks in Michigan. There will be more coming soon!


The GOP page is under construction


The News tab has a listing of some great Conservative news sites. You'll be able to see the top recent headlines and a bit more


Elections is a big section! Find the links to the FEC Campaign data. The OpenSecrets database, organizational profile, IRS political organizations filings and disclosure statements. Information on campaign limits, Election Integrity, Presidential and Michigan Congressional filings, What the top lobbists are spending, donor lookups and more coming.

And more coming every week...check back frequently

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